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"We had a very special time on the trip. I asked James if it met up to his expectations and he said it far surpassed it. Thank you and Tania for all the hard work. Put us on the list for the next trip."
James & Robin Giles, Simpsonville, South Carolina

"Thank you for my best vacation ever. If you will allow me to, please let me be the first one to sign up for next year."
Veronica DeGuenther, Tampa, Florida

"We had a wonderful and exciting time and look forward to a return visit. Thanks again for all your hard work."
Carl & Kathy Davis, Central Wisconsin

"Thanks again for all of your help and thanks again for the "trip of a lifetime". I was out at Brumos this morning and told a lot of people about our trip. They were shocked at how much we did. It was great. You have my commitment to go on a new trip. Put me and Ann down."
Frank & Ann Scheu, Jacksonville, Florida

"We did have a great time - and enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks again for sharing your heritage with us - I miss France already!"
"The beauty I saw was worth it. My ancestry is from Germany (my maiden name is Baum) - so it meant a lot for me to see a part of my background as well."
Tim & Debbie Jankiewicz, Orlando, Florida

"We had such a great time on the trip. Again, thanks for being such a great guide and sharing your roots with us. We want our names added to the next trip."
Don & Carol Newkirk, Tampa, Florida

"We had such a nice time on our holiday tour with all you guys. I must say it was very exciting. Now Alan thinks he is still on the autobahn."
"Thank you both for a great time. You had a big job and pulled it off well. Although I did gain 5 pounds! Don't think I can put the blame on you....."
Anne & Alan Zamm, Jacksonville, Florida

"Nicolas, Just another THANK YOU, after the dust has cleared, Pauletta and I look at our pictures, think about the new friends we have and JUST SMILE."
Mark & Pauletta Lindner, Central Wisconsin

"Nicolas,thanks for everything it was the best trip.I still think daily of events and the time spent with the group.Please include us in your future plans.We would love to do it again."
Richard & Shelby Peters, Tampa, Florida

"Viewed the pictures you carefully selected and once again felt like we were in Europe. As all the others have stated, we truly felt it was the "Trip of a Lifetime" and we thank you so much for all your expertise and hard work. We have trouble just organizing an afternoon rally!"
Vicki & Carl Emrick, Central Wisconsin

"The amount of advance preparation that you did really showed in all the things that you planned for us to do. Having the "trip tic" made us really know where we were going."
"I have said to people that everyone in the group seemed to really gel together and get along. Yes, some of it is luck, but perhaps that is typical of Porsche people.We look forward to joining you again."
Jan & John Reker, Orlando, Florida

"When people ask me about driving my Porsche, I tell the story of Brumo University, and of spending the day with the Porsche racing team, finishing with "I have never had so much fun in a car in my life". Well, that story must take second place because now the most fun in a car was trying to keep up with a Porsche Turbo going up some French mountain road!! Linda and I want to go with the group on another fun filled vacation."
Bob & Linda Hall, Palm Bay, Florida

"Thanks for a memorable trip. Peter and I enjoyed it. Next time, we plan to bring our ladies along!"
David Yun and Peter Tomaino, Orlando, FL and Reno, NV.

"Thank you very much for making all the arrangements for our trip. We had a wonderful time, the food was delicious (out of this world!), the rooms were everything we wanted and the views were spectacular. We talk about it every day. We cannot wait to go back."
Lloyd & Melody Carney, Wolcotville, IN, about their custom design trip.

"We are back to the real world doing what people gotta do! Thanks again for a wonderful trip."
Ray & Linda Williams, Danlgren, VA.

"I want to thank you again for a great trip.You did a great job, everything was wonderful. I didn't think this trip could possibly top the 2002 trip, but it did.The time went by so fast, I couldn't believe we had to turn the cars in. Lot's of great places, excellent food, and another great group of people. Please keep us posted on your next trips."
Richard & Shelby Peters, Virginia Beach, VA, on their 2nd trip.

"Please sign Carol and I up for the next trip, it sounds great. Thanks again for the great time."
Don & Carol Newkirk, Missouri, on their 2nd trip.

"Thanks for the wonderful trip!! We had a great time and it was very much our pleasure meeting you. The drive on the Nurburgring was the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. See you on another trip, guaranteed."
Mike & Kathy Miller, Shererville, IN.

"The trip was totally enjoyable. I feel you have done a great job in your selections as well as made excellent choices and have good value."
Robert & Mike Doffing, Dallas TX.

"Thank you for the really wonderful time we had on the trip and for the excellent job you did as our leader. Your skills are top notch when it comes to dealing with strong personalities! I especially am delighted that Gary had such a great time. It actually exceeded his expectations. We are definitely interested in future trips so keep us posted. We hope to join you again."
Dee Ann & Gary Goulet, Boise ID.

"The trip was "an aggressive Drivers Ed" through the European Alps while being pampered at every stop, whether pre-arranged lunches in a mountain village or being greeted at extravagant, almost private chateaux before being served well-planned gourmet meals. The trip appeared flawless due to the careful attention paid to each detail by our guide and host Nicolas!"
Ted & Pat Tiemeyer, Palm City, FL.

"We had an absolutely fabulous time! Better than we could have dreamed of. We liked all the personal notes from managers, and almost every hotel did something special for us - whether it was flowers or champagne in our room, or a fruit basket, or the special table that they'd selected for our dinner."
Hazel de Burgh and Martin Tekela on their custom Honeymoon trip.

"What a fantastic trip for me. Thank you again Nicolas. Taking three things off my one day before I die list: priceless! (they are: buying a 911, driving the autobahn, watching the Monaco Grand Prix live!)."
Yousry Bissada, Toronto, about his 3 weeks custom design trip.

"We had a wonderful time, better than last trip. We will be back for a 3rd trip."
Mike & Kathy Miller, on their 2nd trip.

"Thank you again for a simply wonderful trip. Your very kind and easy going manner plus your thoughtful planning make for a delightful vacation. Your willingness to improvise such as the Paris visit was indeed a treat. Thanks again for another memorable vacation for us. I don't think anything could have been better including our group of wonderful people."
Dee-Ann & Gary Goulet, on their 2nd trip.

" I know I sound like a broken record but the trip was fantastic. We had great chemistry in our group and everyone got along very well. The accommodations were excellent and the food was over the top. The scenery and country was above our expectations. You did an exceptional job in planning the trip. The activities were unique and interesting. (the highlight of driving into Paris was special). We enjoyed the tours and you found knowledgeable docents. We are definitely going to return for another trip with you and hopefully we can get some of our friends to come with us."
Joann & Ralph Thomas, Santa Rosa, CA.

"Just a few lines to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip. The hotels were incredible (as I'm sure that you know), and the food and service marvelous. The route that you arranged was superb. Crossing the Alps was a high point [no pun intended], and the scenery and the roads were amazing. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and all the trouble you must have gone to make these arrangements for us. A couple of hotels even told us that we were very special guests, "because Nicolas said so". Thanks again Nicolas, and please feel free to use our names as references if you have someone who has the slightest doubts about your kindness and skills. I have never had such good service."
Barry & Michael Rhodes, from Canada about their custom design trip.

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